Monday, January 14, 2019

Week Eighteen of School

Day 81 - Monday, Jan. 14

Today was fun learning all about the water cycle.

We watched a cute little video which explained the steps in the cycle.

The video lasted about five minutes.

We reviewed the terminology and repeated the "big" words.

Here is one stage that is a more recently added one to the water cycle.

We read about each stage in the water cycle.

We learned the purpose for each stage.

The children enjoyed the friendly little pilot.

Too cute!

An overview.

Here is our new banner in the class to help us kick off the new year.

A short review of some of our more recent class books.

Some were done in class.

Some were religious in nature.

Some were compiled from our homework files.

Some were created after a visitor came to speak at the school.
I'll be sure to add the pupils in some pics tomorrow as well.
Have a great week eighteen everyone!  Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 82 - Tuesday, Jan. 15

Today Mr. Hamer conferenced with many pupils in the class.

The students were reading special diagnostic stories.

They really enjoy reading to their teacher.

Others work on building structures.

Looks cool!

Love the cross.

We started working in our Reconciliation booklet.

Mr. Hamer took all of Mrs. Akkawi's students and combined them with his class for the lesson.

We discussed what Reconciliation means.

We discussed what a sacrament is.

We talked about baptism.

The children then worked on the first page of their booklet.

Some of the information from the first page can only be found at home.

That's why Mr. Hamer made a photocopy of the page for the children to take home to complete.

They are to bring that page back to school by Thursday when the two classes meet again.

Lovely effort.

The students will then copy the information into their booklet.

Mr. Hamer doesn't want the children taking their booklets home as they often get damaged during the daily transport.

When we complete the Reconciliation lessons, the booklets will head home.

Beautiful work!

The boys and girls took pride in their efforts.

Mr. Hamer is proud of them too!
He will share more pictures tomorrow.
Have a wonderful evening everyone!  Mr. Hamer OCT

Monday, January 7, 2019

Week Seventeen of School

Day 76 - Monday, Jan. 7

Spelling List for Week Seventeen (st and sk words)
*  This is a review week of words from earlier in December  *

   1.  just         6.  fast

   2.  last         7.  ask
    3.  desk       8.  stay
     4.  most       9.  store
      5.  must      10. mask

Time to get back at it!

We're eager to get down to work.

But...first we'll have a circle discussion.

Where we talk all about our Christmas holidays.

Eager listeners.

Our calendar leader.

Today we reviewed three-digit addition and 2D geometry.
Mr. Hamer asked some questions to encourage the children to dig deeper into their understanding of the concepts.
One question Mr. Hamer asked went like this..."If one student drew two hexagons, how many squares would they have to draw to have the same number of vertices?"
One hexagon has six vertices (angles or corners) so two would have 12 vertices.  Therefore, you would have to draw three squares to have the same number of vertices.

Then we made a new class book.

This one reviewed the month of December.

December was an exciting month.

Many of our activities were Advent and Christmas related.

The children brainstormed with Mr. Hamer what we did last month.

Then they coloured their page.

They take pride in their work.

As they know that their page will join their friends' pages.

To be combined into...

...another published class book.

It was fun getting back to class.

It was nice to see their hard work.

Of which they take great pride in completing.

Nice colouring too.

A great smile...

...for some great work.

Mr. Hamer handed out some nice bookmarks.

This little one brought in a lovely Ty Beanie Baby.

Swimming along.

Time to go home at the end of the day.

Looking good.

One more page completed.

Have a great evening everyone!
Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 77 - Tuesday, Jan. 8

On Tuesday, we had a special visitor come to our class.

Her name is Ms. Stephanie.

She is an expert in coding.

The children worked with Lego.

They followed the coding instructions.

The instructions had them building a device that would move.

The children enjoyed some down time by simply having fun with the Lego.

They had to wait their turn to get one of the few computers available.

Curious they are.

Ms. Stephanie troubleshoots an issue with one of the computers while the children wait patiently.

Some get down to work.

They work in teams collaboratively.

That crane is coming along!

He's eager to get that motor working.

Focussed pupils.

Creative designers.

Lots of fun.

The coding program takes the students step-by-step through the building process.

They will construct a leg and a boot that will be able to kick an object a specific distance.

Fun to observe.

Ms. Stephanie is amazing with the children.

Three groups in one image.

This team is getting started.

As is this little one.

She finds Lego fun.

As does he!

Our kicking leg is well underway.

A glance at one page from the program.

She's nailed this step.

Yup...that's correct.

Handsome coders.

Ms. Stephanie checks in on this group. can check in to see the final results!
Mr. Hamer was out both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and didn't have time to post.  We'll be sure to complete the full week by the end of the weekend!
Have a great evening everyone!  Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 78 - Wednesday, Jan. 9

Time to check if our programming has worked.

Yup!  The leg kicks!

That's exciting.

The children can program the speed and direction of the leg.

Coming along nicely.

All around the room the excitement is evident.

Verifying if all assembled parts are in their correct location.

Looking good.

These ones work as well.

Still more creativity.

Rapt attention.

Further programming.

Setting up the parameters of the moving parts.

Thrilling work.

The finished assembly.

Peers helping peers.

With advice from Ms. Stephanie.

Looking good.

Time for snack.

Before recess.

Later, fun at the the puzzle table.

Yes, school is a blast!
Check in later over the weekend for more pics and stories from the week that was!
Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 79 - Thursday, Jan. 10

Due to a bust week of evenings, Mr. Hamer continues to catch up on the blog over the weekend.

While I am posting for Thursday of this past week, these outdoor events actually occurred on the Wednesday.

Yes, we're heading out sliding.

Over at the big hill...

...which is located across St. Bernard St. at the park.

Mrs. Akkawi's class has joined us.

We are enjoying the fresh air.

In the great outdoors.

The hill is large enough to accommodate us all.

We're dressed for the weather.

Lots of colourful crazy carpets.

Heading down together in a race.

Too cool!

Sharing a sled.

Smiles abuond.

There's Mrs. Akkawi.

Going downhill is fun, but the uphill climb offers up some great exercise.

A look at the summit.



Ditto again!

She's getting hot and has removed her hat for a brief moment.

Well dressed.

"Thanks for bringing us, Mr. Hamer and Mrs. Akkawi!"

Back in class...a true engineer.

With an engineering colleague.

A little dino visits the dino puzzle.

He's a great help.

As the puzzle gets completed in no time at all!

A cool shirt.

Offering up a host of six unicorns.
I'll be posting Friday's activities later in the early evening.
Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday everyone!
Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 80 - Friday, Jan. 11

Friday found our class with a lot of students away.

We watched a Children's Bible version of the Tower of Babel.

Earlier in the week we had read the story from one of our classroom bibles.

The children learned how languages were developed as a result of mankind trying to make their own way to action that only God decides.

In anger, God made all of the builders of the tower speak different languages so they could not communicate any more and complete the tower.

Check out the nails on this young one.

They are actually made from creative slime.  Yikes!

Earlier in the week we enjoyed some outdoor activities.

Which included climbing on the hills in the junior yard.

This yard is located behind our portapack.

The yard actually belongs to the church.

But that's okay.

We are allowed to enjoy playing out there.

The smiles attest to the fact that we are having fun in the great outdoors.

There's Mrs. Akkawi!

Both classes are enjoying themselves.

Say cheese.

It works all of the time!

Too much fun!
See everyone next week!
Mr. Hamer OCT