Monday, November 12, 2018

Week Eleven of School

Day 47 - Monday, Nov. 12

Yabba Dabba Doo!  It's a four day school week.

We practised our spelling words on the good old-fashioned blackboard before we wrote our test today.

Tomorrow I will post this week's words.

The children truly enjoy coming up front to the board.

And sharing what they know with their peers.

They're pretty good little spellers!

Some examples...

...from our homework this week...

...when we expressed our gratefulness... the men and the women who went overseas... fight for peace...

...and for freedom.  I will share more examples later in the week.

This afternoon our Grade Six buddy class came by to visit.

We had fun working together.

Mr. Papineau found it very relaxing in our room.

The children finished colouring the background from their homework.

The grade six "invaders" enter the room in a stealth fashion!

An eager artist.

Yup, those are their school bags on the floor.  Looks like they are filled with homework!

On task.

Working hard.

Helping friends.

Finishing up some older art from October 31st.

This young lady is wondering why there are all boys around!  Big grin.


That lad in the white shirt must have played football out on the field at recess time.

Focused attention.

The art table.

Mr. Papineau checks in on the math we were doing.

Another lower view of the art table.

Off to a great start.

That's attention to detail.



Cool colour selections.

Love it!

Nicely done!

Working together... a quiet manner.

Off they go!

Another view from our Remembrance Day ceremony.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the deadline to send in your photo orders.

And...Wednesday is the deadline to order discounted tickets to the Ottawa 67's game where our school choir sings the National Anthem a week from this Saturday.  In the above photo we are backstage under the arena awaiting the call to head out onto the ice before singing the anthem last year!  Have a great evening everyone!  Mr. Hamer OCT

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week Ten of School

Day 42 - Monday, Nov. 5

This is our week of Remembrance

Spelling List for Week Ten (long i words)

 1.  kind        6.  mind
2.  mile        7.  fine
 3.  side        8.  bike
4.  wind       9.  find
 5.  line        10. time

This is the homework sheet for the week.  The students are asked to sit with a parent/guardian and write a couple of sentences indicating the appreciation we have for those who served.  Remember to try to fill all six of the short lines.  Also...remember to put your best effort forth with the colouring of the page.

Are they sisters?

Maybe not...but their shirts are!

Inclement recess brought out some interesting toys.

This young lady says that she doesn't really like cleaning at home but that she loves it at school. may want to show her this picture when cleaning is required at her house!  Hehehe!

Oh, look!  A baby carriage.

Colourful straws.

Things are coming along.

A rocket ship.

A fortress.

A satellite.


Fun image.

The fortress is as tall as the makers!

Additional help arrives on the scene.

They're all having fun and getting along so well.

Interesting angle.

We're cool.

We're friends!

We love that Halloween work!

Still more to add.

And...they keep on going.

Check out the hallway of the portapack.

All clothing items are neat and tidy.

Thanks to these two "cleaner uppers!"

Yup, the teachers like it.

Yet another toy.

A combination.

Tomorrow, all students in the school will be taking home order forms for families to come out and support the choir as we sing the National Anthem at the Ottawa 67's/Sarnia Sting hockey game at 2:00 PM, Saturday, November 24th.

The choir is thrilled to be doing this.  If any of our families from our class can make it out to the game, that would be so great!  Tickets are discounted from the mid twenties to fifteen dollars for our school.  The choir member receive complimentary tickets for their singing.  The deadline for return of ticket orders is next Wednesday.

Let's always remember the contributions of those who have served and those who still serve.  Have a peaceful evening!  Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 43 - Tuesday, Nov. 6

We must never forget.

Today we began our poppy art.

First step is to create a backdrop for our poppies.


Everyone gets a chance.

While some work on their backgrounds, others work on their poppies.

You won't see the final result until tomorrow.

As we have to let the paint dry overnight. sure is fun looking at pics of our grade two pupils hard at work.

...and...hard at play!

Smiles abound.

We shuffle more children through...kind of like a production line.

Slime fun.

Brought from home.!

I love painting my poppies.

She loves painting her hands!  Big grin!

Oh, my goodness!

Way too cool.

In Block Three, the grade two students from Mrs. Akkawi's grade 2/3 class came over for a lesson.

This allowed Mrs. Akkawi to work alone with her grade threes in the other classroom.

We are enjoying working on our lesson with our friends from the other class.

Good friendships.

Our co-op student, Valentina.

Working in groups.

Creative work areas.

Friends from two classes.

They enjoy working together.

Some prefer to stay at their own desks.

Heart art!

Check out the slime!  So cool!

More plastic straw fun.

He's happy.

Cool hair colour.

Yabba dabba doo!

Crystal art.

With our crystal toys.

The inventor!

Some of us have finished our fall hedgehogs.

 A closer view...from a strange angle.

Cool colours.

From a cool kid.

Love the arrangement of the leaves.

Yup...looks so good.

Neat colouring methods.

From this young lad.

She loves to glue her leaves on the hedgehog.

With his colourful body.

Nice blue leaves in this bunch.


Different types of leaves.

Make for a nice work of art.

Our poppies are drying.  They were made from sections of an egg carton.

Our backgrounds have already dried.

When we had our grade two friends over for a visit we did some math and some language arts.  We learned that the number 202 is a palindrome as is the number 33.  Yes they are the same number whether written forwards or backwards.
Well, we learned a few palindrome phrases...spelled the same front to back, back to front.
I like the first words Adam ever said to Eve in the Garden of Eden.
I also like the palindrome referencing the growth of the Panama Canal...yes, the entire phrase is spelled the same both ways!  Teaching is too much fun!

Some of our hedgehogs are gathering for a meeting of the minds.

Mrs. Hamer is helping Mr. Papineau with his poppy in order for it to remain on his lapel and not fall off as he moves around.

We thank all of our veterans who have served, no matte their age.  They have all made such a difference in our lives.
All the best, Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 44 - Wednesday, Nov. 7

Indeed...lest we forget.

Gym time!

We get the hand hoops out.

We're having fun.

Breaking off into pairs.



Great poses.

Too cool.

Yabba dabba doo!

Cool kids.

Our poppy art.

Proud poppy bearers.

Terrific trio.

Love the look of the art.

Cool placement of the poppies.

We're loving it!


More crystal art.

Different designs.

So many colours.


He made a crystal tree!

Too cool.

Camouflage...a colourful kid behind a colourful tree!

 Boys at work.

Another structure!

She's a dedicated builder.

Working hard.

Nicely done!

Another hedgehog is added to the mix.

A poppy art close-up.

Our prayer table.

With our class wreath.

Peace be with you this evening.
Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 45 - Thursday, Nov. 8

Lest we forget.

Indeed, many of the crosses in Europe look over our fallen Canadian service men and women who traveled thousands of miles to fight for peace and freedom.

This is our class display in the main hallway of the school.

With the poem In Flanders Fields written below.

Many classes would stop at this point in the halls as they were walking to other locations.

Their teachers would read the poem written by Dr. John McCrae.

Mr. Papineau's class wants to do the same art as we did.

After reading the poem, he is explaining the steps involved after I had shown him earlier in the morning.

It's nice to see the older children take an interest in what our class has done.

Our class wreath we made for the ceremony to be held on Friday in the gym.

Thursday found us in the learning commons.

Where we conducted our book exchange.

Children in search of books.

The joy of reading.

"I love this book, Mr. Hamer!" she says.

Comfy seating.

Two copies of the same book.

Can I have a taste?

Mrs. Avilla was thrilled late last school year to receive some great book donations for our school's library.  Yes..while our school gives so much, we do receive at times as well.

We find some sheet music on the piano left over from our choir practice.'s getting near that time of year!  Brrrrr!!!!

Twin books equals twin excitement.

Ms. Avilla lends a helping hand.

Happy campers.

Sharing the love of reading.

Cuddling up!

"Look Mr. Hamer!  The Magic Page!"

Yes, it is the magic page...which is the page in the book that emulates the front cover.

Our latest classroom banner Mrs. Hamer brought in for Mr. Hamer.

We will never forget.
Check in later this evening to see images from Friday when we held our Remembrance Day ceremony at school.  Mr. Hamer OCT

Day 46 - Friday, Nov. 9

We commemorated Remembrance Day on Friday seeing as the actual date for this year is on Sunday.  This is a special date of Remembrance as it has been 100 years since the First World War ended. 

Some students form the honour guard outside the gymnasium.

They stand at attention as the classes enter the gym.

Our two flag bearers hold the Canada Flag and our school board flag at the entrance.

Beforehand, our choir had spent the recess time warming up their voices.

They carried poppies as well.

More children enter the gym.

A lovely display showcased by the Grade Six students.

Following the ceremony I was able to snap a few images of the wreaths that had been laid at the front of the gym.

Each class contributed a wreath.

They are all so lovely.

Some more poppy art in the gym.

Looks beautiful.

The poppies remind us to always remember. never forget.
More images can be seen at our school's Twitter Feed found on our school's homepage.  Copy and paste the url below into your web browser to head that way.

Later, back in the classroom, it was "Picnic Friday!"

The children love setting up for their picnic.

Happy faces abound.

This little lady brought a wonder book of poems in to class.

We shared a few of them at carpet and the children really enjoyed them all.

Yesterday, this little owl crashed into my living room window.

I was concerned that he was injured, but, alas...he flew away.  Whew!

Indeed, let's take this time aside to say "Thank You" to all those who serve their countries around the world.  Have a lovely Remembrance Day Sunday.  Mr. Hamer  OCT